Technical Agreement Meaning

The general conditions of standardization and compliance assessment procedures generally have the importance that their definition gives them in the United Nations system and by international standards bodies, given their context and given the purpose and purpose of this agreement. 12.7 In accordance with Article 11, Member States provide technical assistance to developing countries to ensure that the development and application of technical rules, standards and compliance assessment procedures do not create unnecessary barriers to the expansion and diversification of developing countries` exports. In defining the conditions for technical assistance, the level of development of the applicant members, and in particular the least developed countries, is taken into account. 2.5 At the request of another member, a member who prepares, adopts or applies a technical regulation that could have a significant impact on other members` exchanges explains the reasons for this technical regulation within the meaning of paragraphs 2 to 4. In the case of the preparation, adoption or application of a technical regulation for any of the legitimate objectives expressly referred to in paragraph 2, it is considered to be refractory, contrary to relevant international standards, that it is not an unnecessary obstacle to international trade. 1.6 All references in this agreement to technical rules, standards and compliance assessment procedures must be interpreted as including changes and additions to the regulations or product coverage, with the exception of amendments and additions to Article 1.2 that are not relevant to the purposes of this agreement, but the meaning of the terms in Schedule 1 applies. 13.3 It is considered that unnecessary duplication between the work done under this agreement and that of governments in other technical bodies should be avoided. The Committee is examining this issue in order to minimize these duplications. The terms defined in the sixth edition of ISO/CIS 2: 1991, the terms and conditions and their definitions of standardization and related activities, when used in this agreement, have the same meaning as in the definitions of the above guide, taking into account the fact that services are excluded from the scope of this agreement.

2.10.2, upon request, provide copies of the technical regulations to other members; Compliance assessment is a direct or indirect procedure for determining compliance with the requirements of a technical regulation or standard.