Wiley Jisc Agreement

I plan and use jisc Collections` selection and renewal schedules and processes to ensure that they are completed on time and that libraries will have the greatest benefit in higher education and continuing education. To learn more and see if you have the right to pay your publication fees, go to wileyauthors.com/Jisc The agreement described below will resume after December 31, 2020. „This new agreement is a step towards the transition to open access to British research. This agreement allows all universities in the consortium, regardless of their quantity or low publication, to move quickly to full and immediate open access in a financially viable manner. But it also recognizes the importance of access to research materials for students and researchers in general, which allow all universities to get more Wiley content than before. The agreement respected what it had set for itself; rapidly increase the volume of OA from the UK, reduce spending and finance this transition with credits previously spent on subscriptions. As of 31 August, 5,164 articles have been published or accepted in open access, an increase of 82% over articles published in 2019 and an increase of 91% compared to 2018. „We are proud to have supported an OA model with jisc in the UK over the past five years, which is the world leader in promoting the transition to open access. With this agreement, Wiley OA will continue to accelerate in the UK and strengthen our commitment to keeping our customers at the centre of our action. A new agreement between the editor-in-chief of the specialist magazines Fuer Addiction and Addiction Biology, Wiley and Jisc means that if you are a British researcher in a participating institution, you may now be able to publish open access in addiction and addiction biology at no direct cost to you.

In 2021, the magazines of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) will be included in Wiley`s reading and publication agreement on a fully open access basis. The lessons and achievements of the first nine months of the Wiley Agreement are put into practice in our other agreements and negotiations, so that the sector can rapidly increase the volume of British research as open access and increase the paths that authors can share. If you plan to publish work in a Wiley magazine and make your work open at Gold when you are not receiving COAF/UKRI/Wellcome funding, the funds will no longer be available through the Jisc Agreement from 12 October to 31 December 2020. During this period, a 25% discount will be granted to authors who publish Gold Open Access: from 2 March 2020, authors associated with UK institutions participating in the Wileys Jisc agreement will be able to publish primary research and review articles to the author in one of the open access or Wiley hybrid magazines (subscription), online online magazines with no open access to the author. This innovative agreement will allow institutions to control the costs of accessing and publishing OA.